My name is Maren.  I am almost eight years old (my birthday is May 20, and I am writing this on April 19).  I am in the second grade at a small school in St. Paul, Minnesota called Horace Mann.  My favorite color is purple.  I play the piano (I have a recital coming up that I’m really nervous about!). My favorite dinners are “breakfast for dinner” (sausage, eggs and toast) and spaghetti and meatballs (even though I mostly just eat the meatballs).

Here’s a picture of my family when I went to San Francisco for my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding.  (That’s me, sticking out my tongue.)

Family trip to San Francsico

I live with my Mom, my Dad, my little brother Luke (who is 6 and is just learning to read), and my little sister Harper (who likes to pretend to read).  Not pictured: our dog, Sky, who is a black Lab.  She gets really excited sometimes, even though she’s getting old.

Oh, and did I mention that I love to read?  I love to read!  Right now, I’m really into:

Geronimo Stilton (I just started reading book 1 in Reader’s Workshop at school)

Secrets of Droon (I’ve read 1-18, except #17 because the school library does not have it)

Harry Potter (well, I used to be into this one a LOT… but now that I’ve read them all two or three times they are getting boring)

Dork Diaries (books about a girl named Niki and her enemy, Mackenzie… my mom is telling me that she doesn’t like the way kids treat each other in these books, but I think

And I’m kind of excited to read the Cat Warrior series.  I have that one on my (brand new!) kindle!

I have started this blog to let other kids know about great books. And since I read a LOT of books I thought it might be fun and a cool thing to do.


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