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Never Girls: A Dandelion Wish

A Dandelion Wish is about 4 girls: Mia, Kate, Lainey, and Gabby.

Never Girls

Whenever the girls want to go to Never Land (usually in Pixie Hallow, where fairies live), they go through a broken slot in the fence in Mia and Gabby’s backyard (Mia and Gabby are sisters).  One day, Mia has to babysit Gabby, so her friends cannot come over and go to Never Land (and it’s not as much fun without them!).  While Mia’s babysitting, she gets bored and decides to go to Never Land for just a minute to see if one of the fairies wants to come and play.

But when she gets back, she has a fight with Gabby and Gabby sneaks into Never Land.  (Uh-oh!)  And what happens when the fence is fixed while Gabby is still in there?!….


I really like fairies, so this is a pretty good book for me.  I also really liked the ending (which I’m not going to tell!) – because it’s pretty awesome!

This is book #3 in the series.  I haven’t read any of the other books in the series yet, but after reading this one, I really want to!


4.5 out of 5 stars



Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Book Review by Book Buddy Blog

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is one of my favorite books! Starting with a dude who lives with his Aunt and Uncle, all the way to a wizard who saves the Sorcerer’s Stone. Fantasy and adventure lovers: this book is for you!!!

Harry Potter Characters

The first time I started reading Harry Potter, I didn’t like it because it was really sad at first. Then when I was at least six years old I started it again and this time I went really far, and as I went on it got way more fun.  My favorite parts are when they go into Diagon Alley; when Harry gets sorted; and when Harry, Hermione and Ron go through the trap door.

Diagon Alley

Something I learned from this book is that you should always get your homework done before it’s too late!  (I don’t know why I said that.) They get a lot of homework at Hogwarts!

Another thing I learned is that not all teachers can be very fun – like Professor Snape.

Professor Snape

Which side do you think Snape is on?  Good or Bad?  (When I finished the first book, I thought BAD.)

This book makes a great buddy!  Thanks for reading!

Hagrid and Norbert

Favorite Quote:

When the dragon sneezes in Hagrid’s hut, and Hagrid’s beard gets on fire… Hagrid says, “Bless him! He knows his mummy!”